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The African Vegan Treat Box

A fun and delicious selection of unique South Africa plant-based and vegan treats, snacks and souvenirs.

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The Vegan In Africa Blog

What Are In Our African Vegan Boxes?

African Surprise Gifts

Every African Vegan Treat box comes with a surprise gift. This months gifts are cute chicken oven gloves.


Sour Wiggles Cherry

Sour Wiggles are super sour dried fruit snacks. Sour Wiggles make a healthier alternative to other sugar-packed sour sweets.


Sea Salt & Vinegar Chyps

A delicious burst of flavour from roasted chickpea chyps


African Vegan Snacks

Shitake Mushroom Crisps

These crunchy mushroom crisps are made from real Shitake mushrooms and is packed with goodness and flavour.


Vegan Jerky / Biltong

This vegan mushroom jerky or biltong as we call it in South Africa is delicious. You will love it! Salty, meaty and yum! Packed with protein.


Rooibos Fruit Cubes

Fruity cubes that are chewy fruit juice concentrate with fruit pulp. Preservative-free, has no added colourants, no added cane sugar and is a source of dietary fibre!


Delicious African Vegan Treats

Scrummy Vegan Organic Turkish Delight

Vegan Organic Turkish Delight! Fall in love at first bite! Locally grown organic dried figs, enrobed in organic dark cacao with a hint of rose geranium oil. 

Vegan Droëwors

A chewy vegan cured sausage style snack.

Vegan Chocolate Sex Bombs

Sexy food for sexy people! A crisp activated almond is inserted into a soft organic date and lovingly enrobed in superfood dark organic cacao. Fabulous shared with a lover but its also wonderful to practice some self love, indulging in a special moment alone!

Sweet Vegan Potato Crisps

Delicious crunchy sweet potato crisps, in a selection of yummy vegan flavours.

Proudly South African

We have travelled the length and breadth of our huge country, to seek out the very best vegan African snacks and treats for you.

I love getting my African vegan treat box each month. It is always such a nice surprise.

Janet Sampson, UK

When the box arrives at the house. It takes about 5 seconds to realise. I always have to hide some of it from them! So much fun! And great little treats.

Sally Jane Jones, Scotland

My favorite are the mushroom crisps. They are so delicious and yummy. Such a treat to get vegan snacks all the way from Africa.

Brian Arthur, Brighton